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Jet Engine Covers

Jet Engine Cover Upgrade and Refurbishing


Add years of extra service to your Jet Brella investment. Our factory Upgrade and Refurbishing Program replaces worn and weathered parts, inspects all metal and molded components, and cleans and lubricates all locks and pivots to assure maximum ‘Brella’ life.

Refurbish Inlet Cover for Jet Brella

Regular Factory Service includes:

  1. Replace all soft goods including:
    • Lycra Membrane
    • Mesh Venting
    • Neoprene Perimeter Seal
    • Stretch Cording on Hi-Flow Dual Vent Models
    • Restraint Webbing
  2. Install New Contact Points including:
    • Rubber Feet
    • Rubber Spinner Cone – as applicable
    • Foam Lined Composite Cone – as applicable
  3. Upgrade Selected Hardware including:
    • Hand Grip Assembly
    • Snaps
    • Quick Release Pins
    • Louver Hooks
  4. Inspect All Framework:
  5. Clean, Lubricate and Inspect
    • Locking Mechanisms
    • Pivot Points
    • Spinner Assemblies
  6. Replace Additional Worn or Fatigued Parts As Needed
    • at additional cost
  7. Normal 1-Week Turn Around Time
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