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jet engine inlet cover

Jet engine inlet cover

Welcome to Jet \ Brella Inc. The world’s finest jet engine inlet and exhaust covers. Jet Brella are ‘the inlet covers pilots love to use’.
While Jet engines are among the most powerful pieces of machinery on Earth, they are still delicate, and require protection when not in use. JetBrella brand inlet cover, exhaust plug, and APU plug protect your investment, and are essential to preserving the continued performance of your aircraft. Custom aircraft canopy accessories are also available for private jets to protect the inside from the outdoor elements.

When it comes to jet engine inlet, exhaust, and APU covers it’s imperative to provide maximum moisture protection. Excess exposure to humidity is the primary cause of corrosion, and can lead to performance deterioration and asset depreciation. Sand, debris, foreign objects, and even birds can nest in the turbine engines and cause damage. Protect everything with JetBrella jet engine inlet and exhaust covers.

JetBrella ‘s extensive line of state-of-the-art inlet covers, exhaust covers, APU plugs and entrance canopy are made from military spec materials, and exceed all FAA standards. Each JetBrella product is hand crafted, manufactured to order, and tested in our Van Nuys, CA plant.

In 1996 Jet Brella Inc. became certified by and offered as standard equipment on the Gulfstream V. Today, Jet Brella products are approved for use by Boeing, BBJ, Falcon and offered as an OE item by Gulfstream and Embraer. Our inlet, exhaust, and APU covers are now found on many Fortune 500 Company aircraft and can be found on Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer, and Gulfstream aircraft.

Boeing BBJ Electric Electronics Exhaust Muffler

Boeing 737 EE exhaust muffler

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New Products

Gulfstream G500 G600

Inlet and exhaust covers are now available (together as a kit) for the Gulfstream GVII-500 (G500) and GVII-600 (G600) aircraft with PW 800 series engines. Click or tap to see the product page.

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