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Jet Engine Covers

Jet\Brella – the Product.

Beginning in the early 1990’s, the original umbrella style Inlet cover was conceived as a durable, lightweight, easily stored, and pilot friendly answer to portable FOD protection. In response to a Gulfstream IV Chief Pilot’s request for smaller sized engine protection, started with a golf umbrella and an idea and built the first “Brella” prototype. The Jet\Brella team solved a diverse range of problems that included shape retention under compression, engine spinner inner-action, and back pressure relief on larger engines, to inlet ring contact requirements, weatherproofing, corrosion, and material durability issues.

Today, Jet\Brella offers an extensive line of state-of-the-art inlet, exhaust, and APU covers. They fit the vast majority of business and commercial jet aircraft from Cessna Citation’s to Boeing 767’s. Made from lightweight, yet durable, materials with a custom fit for each model engine, today’s line of Jet\Brella products provide the best protection available for your engines from the ravages of weather, animals, blowing debris, snow, sand, volcanic ash and tarmac jet blast FOD.

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