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Jet Engine Covers

Single Vent Mesh Inlet Covers

single vent inlet cover

  • Designed to fit Turbojet and small Turbofan engines
  • Single fixed mesh vent design – designed to relieve back-pressure on all engines insuring blowout free protection
  • Will keep most FOD larger than blowing sand out of engines (sand resistant models are available)
  • Simple tension straps secure the unit from high wind and jet blast blowout
  • Mesh venting allows the engine to breath helping avoid condensation and corrosion
  • Folds like an umbrella for easy storage, storage bag included
  • Can be installed in a warm engine
  • Ease one person ‘no tool’ installation
  • Installs inside the nacelle in seconds, removes just as quickly
  • Unique strap fastening system is designed for each aircraft (where applicable)
  • Easily stored in baggage compartment, equipment bay or closet
  • Custom colors of mesh available
  • Lycra limited colors available
  • Logos and numbering available
  • Exhaust covers available for many aircraft
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