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Jet Engine Covers

Rigid Style Exhaust Covers

(See individual spec sheet for detailed model information)

rigid style exhaust cover

Photo shows a 38.0″ rigid exhaust cover with straps on a Gulfstream G500.

  • Rigid Thermoformed hot exhaust plugs
  • Fire retardant ABS material meets FAA FAR 25.853
  • UV coated for long life in outdoor environment
  • Eliminates engine backpressure
  • Maximum FOD protection
  • Capture method and hardware specific to each engine
  • Seals designed for each individual engine
  • Can only be used at temperatures of 170°F and below
  • Prominent temperature warning stamp on each cover
  • Straps available for larger models
  • Folding option available on largest models
  • Storage bag included
  • Available in red color only
  • Molded logo option available
  • Stenciled logo option available
  • Stenciled tail number option available
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